Garage door spring replacement is common with all types of doors. As much as the installation process is important for the functioning of the door, ensuring that one has the right springs is equally important. The springs of an overhead door are prone to breaking due to the heavy weight of the door. In addition, intense tension is required to lift and bring down the door when opening and closing respectively. Therefore, not every other spring can be used to replace the broken one as it may lead to malfunctioning of the door soon after the replacement. Thus, getting the right springs for the overhead garage door is essential as it guarantees proper functioning and long term service in the garage door. Identifying the best springs can be tricky and the following tips are helpful for the process.

Determine type of springs needed

Determining the type of springs needed is the initial step in getting the appropriate overhead garage door springs to replace the broken ones. This involves identifying if you need the torsion springs or the extension springs. The torsion springs are normally in a coil mechanism fixed above the door while the extension ones are found along the track above the door and are aligned perpendicularly. Note that replacement of the torsion springs is dangerous as it can lead to injuries that are fatal in nature hence contacting technicians in garage door company is recommended.

Contact experts to assess

When replacing garage door springs it might be difficult to identify the type of springs required. Therefore, a professional comes in handy in order to identify the type of the springs that require replacement and providing the same to you. This helps in eliminating chances of buying the wrong springs that leads to extra expenditure and frustrations.

Make use of manual provided

Every garage door comes with a manual that provides the user guide information. In the manual there are illustrations of different parts of the garage door and their names. In case it is available, carry it with you to the garage door provider in order to get the right springs. However, do not shy off from seeking for help from a service in Winston Salem nc for successful garage door spring replacement.