Garage door springs installation is a procedure that is done when the door is new and during the repair process. However, this is rated among the most dangerous installation processes as the probability of getting injured is very high. The garage door is normally made up of one or more springs attached to it that plays an important role of lifting the weight of the garage door to allow opening and closing process to take place. This is made possible by the pressure present in the springs that makes them to be highly dangerous. When deciding to install the springs without the help of an expert, it is important to note that the springs can snap or the door can slam causing serious injuries. That is why getting the help of technicians from garage door Company in Winston Salem nc is highly recommended. Nonetheless, here are safety considerations that should be made during installation of the springs.

Garage door springs generation

The garage door spring generation simply refers to the new or old springs. This is an aspect that determines the safety of the springs during the installation process. It should be noted that the old type of springs is considered to have high possibility of causing injuries compared to the new generation. This is because the new generation of springs has the core rod in the coil that arrests the pressure in case of malfunction or snapping due to extension of winding process during installation process. This core rod is not present in the old generation of springs hence more dangerous. Therefore, it is advisable to get the new type or seek the help of the technicians for a safe installation.

Keep body parts off

When installing the springs for the garage doors, it is advisable to keep the body parts off. In this case, one should not be in front of the springs being installed. Therefore, ensure that you get a ladder and keep the body parts off the springs during the winding process in case they get broken. In addition, do not attempt to get hold of the door if it falls while fixing the springs as this can cause injuries. Thus, it is good to have a person to help you in supporting the door during the process.

Use the right tools

Use of the appropriate tools during the installation process of the garage door springs is essential for your safety. The winding bar, the wrench and the ladder are among the most important tools that help in reducing the risks of getting injured. Protective gear wears are also vital during the process. However, hiring a technician from us help in eliminating risks during the installation of garage door springs.

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