Garage Door Opener Repair in Winston Salem NC

Professional Garage door openers services are available today through the companies in Winston Salem nc. The repair of the opener includes fixing of the remote control, the sensors or even the worm gear. The repair process starts with the identification of the root of problem normally noted when the garage door fails to close or open as it should. This initial stage requires the assessment of the garage door by a technician in order to ascertain that it is the opener that needs to be fixed. Identifying the part of the opener that is not functioning adequately is essential for a successful repair. It should be noted that when the worm gear is faulty, it leads failure of the opener to respond to the command given. The worm gear one of the components of the opener and it is normally located in the motor compartment. Here are steps in repairing it.

Start garage door repair

When starting the garage door repair process for the worm gear of the opener, the power to the garage should be disconnected. This can be done by unplugging the power cable of the garage from the power outlet. This helps in eliminating the hazards that are likely to be caused by electric power as you will be required to open the motor housing of the opener.

Repair process for opener

The real repair process is marked by the opening of the motor housing. This is done in order to access the worm gear located in it. Therefore, remove the screws using the right screw driver or the nuts present. Then, carefully loosen the nuts that hold the chain in place in order to remove it. Then slide the worm gear from the shaft and put it aside.

Complete garage door opener repair

Once the faulty worm gear has been successfully removed from the shaft, it is time to fix the new one to replace it. Therefore, slide the new worm gear, put the chain back and tighten the nuts on it. Lastly plug in the power cable into power outlet and test the functioning of the opener of the garage door.