Garage door openers are integral part of the door of the garage as they facilitate the opening and closing process. The role of the openers is determined by the sensors that receives the signals from the liftmaster remote. In order for the sensors for an electric door opener to function well, it is normally placed near the floor where it is prone to water and interference by children or animals. When the sensors fail to function, the opener fails too hence need to have them fixed. Involving a technician from a renowned garage door service in Winston Salem nc is a good idea for accurate diagnosis of the problem and the repair. However, you can choose to do it all by yourself as it is not difficult so long as you make use of the instructions provided. Here are some tips in how to go have them fixed.

Identify objects interfering with sensors

When fixing the sensors of the garage door openers, the first step is to identify the objects that are interfering with the sensors. These are objects that block the sensors from seeing each other hence failure to receive signals from the remote control. Therefore, check for debris, dust, animals or plants that might be interfering with the sensors. In case of the dust, have the sensors lens cleaned as instructed by the manufacturer. The plants such as flowers and grass that may be growing near the sensors should be removed. This helps in normal functioning of the sensors hence the door openers.

Tighten the brackets of sensors

In order to fix the sensors for craftsman garage door opener, the brackets should be tightened. This should be done if the sensors are not well aligned as this leads to malfunctioning. In some cases the brackets might be worn out hence difficult to tighten them. Thus, they should be replaced with new ones and tightened as required. This helps in holding the sensors in place hence being in a position to receive signals as intended.

Replace sensors of garage door openers

When the sensors malfunction beyond repair, it is the time to have them replaced. This may happen after a period of time in use. However, before replacing the universal garage door opener the wiring should be checked. This entails opening the entire unit carefully to ensure that the wires are intact and no foreign objects present. This should be done when the power is off. In case the wires are not intact, a technician of garage door service should be contacted to replace the entire unit.