Garage door installation is a project that is best done by the professionals from a well established garage door service in Winston Salem no. This has become a common project for home owners as many have garages within the compound. The installation of the door requires skills as the door panels needs to be fixed properly to allow easy sliding through the track. Installation process is necessary in fixing a new door or during the repair process. Here is a step by step guide to assist you during the replacement of panels.

Gather all parts and tools

Gathering all parts of the garage door is the starting point in installing the door of the garage. Therefore, ensure that the rollers are in place, springs, sensors and the panels are present with some of them being in the right place in the garage. Then, get the protective wears such as the facial mask, the wrenching tools, ladder and winding bar. These tools make the installation successful while ensuring security during the process.

Stacking and prepping door panels

Stacking up the garage door replacement panels is a vital procedure that helps in preventing them from sliding during the installation process. This is more important for the roll up garage doors as well as other types. This is done by inserting them at the edge using a jamb. Then, prep the door panels by fixing the different hardware depending on the type of the door. In this case, put the rollers in place for the roll up doors or the hedges. This makes the panels ready for the springs to be installed.

Install the springs and cables

This is the most sensitive step of door installation as it is dangerous. This stage involves torsion springs winding to give them the required pressure to hold the weight of the garage door. Specialists come in handy at this step whether you are installing a new commercial garage doors or maintenance of the door. Install the springs using the winding bar ensuring that they have enough pressure. During this process consider the safety measures to avoid injuries caused by snapping of springs. Therefore, fix the cable to the bottom of the garage door panel holding it with the bracket making it to run round the springs to the bottom door panel.

Contact garage door installer

In order to ensure that the garage door is functioning as it should, the specialists should be called in to assess it. In this case, have them installing the door for you and testing if the door is functioning appropriately. Thus, type the code on the keypad to instruct the sensor for opening or closing the lock. The installer of the garage door from a place in Winston Salem no has the required skills for installing the garage door safely.